that February night

night had fallen

deep, disturbed…

the waxing crescent

moon, dancing,

lured us to the wild.

oh! and what a night!

nervous and bold,

tantric and profane…

yet good only for

a memory box.

night is again deep,


memories shelved

into shades and shadows

now murmurs, unveiled.

i watch the night sky

unsure, resigned

seeing a cold fog settle:

a needle pierces my soul

and rain gently falls.

23:03 / 16 February 2015


maple glow

i saw a photo on my friend’s wall

that set off echoes in my mind’s chambers

the golden glow of maple leaves

many moons later

still leaves my heart in tatters.


it was on a clear autumn night

we sat, shoulder to shoulder

watching people passing by

guessing their stories, making up lines

we did not see the hours fly.


the maple leaves had gathered

unswept by the wind at our feet

your head on my shoulder

sought peace i noticed

and my heart skipped a beat.


your kiss on my forehead as we part

that look in your eyes when i’m late

the exchanges late into the night

the cuddling, cooking, caressing

on Saturdays we claimed our own…


ah, that wondrous maple glow –

memories of autumn

and your light.


15:39 / 8 November 2014

Exploring explore

the blank stare

of the computer

monitor mocks me…

the ‘Sent’ message

a whispy tendril

in cyberspace as

snippets of our

chat from

the night last

streams unbidden


unseeing eyes…


what more words

can describe

what thinking

can dissect

the rush of blood

to my ears

the tingling


and the hollow

pit at my belly

for the long-held

fire of life


now slowly



spiraling for



the blank stare

of the computer

monitor mocks me…

tell me

this is


part of



bj: do i know how?

kneeling before your seated form

hands on either side of your outstretched legs

I sway forward, lips twitching..

oh no, my lord, not in supplication

even as my head bows and my small nose hover

over your magnificent shaft

i raise twinkling eyes to your mocking ones

remembering my earlier question

do you like a blow job?

and your laconic, do you know how?

my hands slide up as i surge forward

to rest on your hips as i cradle your cock

within my pert breasts

a practiced breath descends on your

wakening slit, cooling before it can heat up

a dribble of saliva descends

even as my hands draw closer, kneading

do i know how to give head?

again my eyes meet yours as my tongue darts

flitting across that surface, teasing

a sudden spurt of precum

that my tongue quickly laps up

ahhh! my head bends in a swoop

pursing my lips around that crown

pulling and sucking greedily

one hand suddenly gripping your shaft

another pushing down on your pelvis

a shiver passes through

yours? mine?

as my restless tongue plunders

your head, my hungry mouth

lifting, descending inch by inch

now slowly, none so gently…

ahhhhh…how i wish to consume you!